Thursday, May 23, 2019

SuzAnna's Antiques and SuzAnna's Antiques Station 05/23/19

You are all invited to the first 
Summer Open House at
SuzAnna's Antiques in Rolesville!
Saturday, June 1st 10-5:30
We will be joined by
Click this link to be taken to the sign up sheet!
Specialty chocolates will be available 
from Creepy Confections!

Paint Demonstrations will be happening 
all day!
Fusion Mineral Paint
 Wise Owl Paint
Dixie Bell Paint

Plus the best shopping ever will be available
at BOTH our Rolesville
and our Youngsville shops!
But don't wait til the Open House!
New and Awesome items come in
Come find what you can't live without 
at either SuzAnna's

Friday, May 3, 2019

SuzAnna's Antiques and SuzAnna's Antiques Station 05/03/19

Both the shops are chockablock full
of amazing items for you!
Stunning collections!
Beautiful Furniture!
Wonderful home decor!
Yummy outdoor items!
If we don't have it at one, we usually
have it at the other!!
See you soon at SuzAnna's!

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

SuzAnna's Antiques and SuzAnna's Antiques Station 04/24/19

If you know SuzAnna's Antiques at all,
you know we are a family run business!
The last few months have been crazy for us as
a family! From moving the original shop
to Rolesville, to cancer treatments, to
diabetic complications we have been on 
a huge rollercoaster ride!
And we could not be more blown away
by your support!
The love you have shown us with the
"Hops for Hope" fundraiser!
The amazing meals you have brought 
to the families!
Even the love and prayers or
"calling to check"
or "just coming in to give you a hug"
have been amazing!
On behalf of the SuzAnna's Antiques Family
We would not be here without you!!
We are excited finally share some fun family 
news with you!
Daddy, Bruce or Santa as you may know him,
is being inducted into the 
North Carolina Boxing Hall of Fame 
this weekend in Charlotte!
We are so excited and super proud of Poppy!
Both shops will be open, cause we have
the best people in the world working with us,
While we are down celebrating the 
Man of the Hour!
See you soon at SuzAnna's!

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

SuzAnna's Antiques and SuzAnna's Antiques Station 03/20/19

Happy First Day of Spring
You would not believe all the amazing
things BOTH shops have in house right now!
We have been so busy, I have not even had 
time to TRY and do a newsletter!
Hopefully you are on our Facebook pages
or on our Instagram page!
I do try to post some pictures every week, even
if I don't have a chance to do a full
Pictures never really do the shops justice 
though! You have to see these goodies
in person! So come on out to EITHER
SuzAnna's Antiques in Rolesville or 
SuzAnna's Antiques Station in Youngsville
and find what you can't live without!
See you soon at SuzAnna's!

Wednesday, February 6, 2019

SuzAnna's Antiques and SuzAnna's Antiques Station 02/6/19

Happy February!! 
We are so excited!
There are so many amazing items at both shops
we just cannot keep up with them all!
Some things are coming in and going out before 
we even have a chance to picture them!
But luckily the items here are all still available!
Susie spent the beautiful weather today,
redoing the outside of Youngsville!
While Jenny was redoing the inside
of areas of Rolesville!
We are just over the moon with the response 
you guys are having to Rolesville!
And with all the amazing things coming 
into Youngsville, you will 
be just as excited as we are!
Remember SuzAnna's Antiques Station
is open Wednesday thru Saturday 10-5
And SuzAnna's Antiques is open 
Monday thru Saturday 10-5 and Sunday 1-5!
Check out pictures on both our facebook pages!

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

SuzAnna's Antiques and SuzAnna's Antiques Station 01/23/19

Happy 2019!
We are so excited to introduce our brand new
shop in Rolesville! SuzAnna's Antiques chose to 
relocate our shop from Durant Road in Raleigh 
due to construction in the area! 
The DOT purchased the property and so we moved to
avoid the chaos for our customers!
It was very sad to close such a huge part of 
our lives. We were at Durant for 14 years!
We removed all the wood from the walls
and all the items from the yard.
It was a quick move but we pulled it
off with flying colors thanks to 
all our family and friends who helped!
This past weekend, January 19th, we held
our Grand Opening at SuzAnna's Antiques
in Rolesville, and it was amazing! The lines 
of customers was mindboggling!
We still have touches of our original shop
at the new space in Rolesville.
Like the stones for the kids, or our little 
swinging doors into the office used in the windows
here! But we have added so much more!
Most importantly, we have heat and air!
 No more closing when it is too cold or too hot!
We have added more dealers, more shopping and
more paint lines too!
Fusion, Dixie Bell and Wise Owl paints 
can all be found at 
SuzAnna's Antiques
103 S Main Street 
Rolesville, NC 27571
But what is even better, we STILL
have two shops for you to chose from!
SuzAnna's Antiques Station 
is not going anywhere!
You still have both amazing locations to 
find what you can't live without!
And each one has stunning finds, just waiting to
go home with you!
So plan to spend this weekend, checking
out the new location in Rolesville
and the almost new location in Youngsville!
We know you will fall in love all
over again!!
See you soon at SuzAnna's

SuzAnna's Antiques
103 S Main Street
Rolesville, NC

SuzAnna's Antiques Station
106 NW Railroad Street
Youngsville, NC