Thursday, October 11, 2018

SuzAnna's Antiques and SuzAnna's Antiques Station 10/11/18

Whoooo's happy for fall temperatures?
We cannot believe we are going from 
90's to 60's!!
Fall has finally arrived and we couldn't be happier!
The Pumpkins are just as surprised as we are by
all the new items around both shops!
This kitchen chimney cabinet has arrived, with 
original red and black paint still on the glass!!
And this enamel topped cabinet in perfect
condition. Stunning as a coffee bar in your kitchen!
The Youngsville store got in the coffee cups!
Along with some beautiful Fall decor items!
You just have to see to believe!
We are super excited to announce our
Holiday Open House

This year we will have 2!!!
Holiday Open House at SuzAnna's Antiques
on Durant Road will be
Thursday, November 15th!
Holiday Open House at 
SuzAnna's Antiques Station in Youngsville
will be Thursday, November 29th!
You won't want to miss either on!

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

SuzAnna's Antiques and SuzAnna's Antiques Station 10/03/18

Hello Everybody!
Susie and the girls along with Bruce have been
super busy at SuzAnna's Antiques Station
in Youngsville!
And in a fun little twist, they may have had 
some divine help! This chandelier is HUGE!
While Mom and Dad, Susie and Bruce, were trying
to hang this monster, on Tuesday, 
which is a day we are normally closed at Youngsville, 
neither one could quite get the piece up high enough. 
In walks a gentleman, not looking for anything,
says, "I can help" jumps up the ladder, hangs it,
and walks back out! Guardian Antique Angel?
We like to think so!
 Jenny and the Girls at Durant
have been busy too! One of our newer dealers has
brought in a ton of new items!
More pictures of Durant will be shared
Thursday! Youngsville pictures are 
up on Facebook now!
Have a great week and we can't wait to see you soon

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

SuzAnna's Antiques and SuzAnna's Antiques Station 09/26/18

How the heck is it already the end of September?
It seems like we were just dusting the sand
off our feet from the beach! And now, BAM!
SuzAnna's Antiques Station is 1 years old!
Youngsville 2017
We are so super proud that our Youngsville
store has been open a FULL YEAR!
It would not be possible without
all you amazing customers!
It also means this Saturday we will be having
cider and cookies to say
"Thank You!"
This Saturday is also a special day
in Youngsville!
The 14th Annual Youngsville Fall Festival!
Come see what fun things are happening!
And, that's not all folks!!
Packhouse Coffee is celebrating

Come grab a latte, a cupcake and some fun!
Now while all the fun and frolic is happening
at the Youngsville store,
you should also head over to the Raleigh location
of SuzAnna's Antiques!
'Cause the pumpkins have arrived!!
And we are pulling out the plaid!
The whole shop has gotten a facelift over the
last few weeks! If you have not come in
lately, be prepared to be blown away!!
The shop is positively, bulging at the seams
with new to you items!
Come find what you just can't live without
at SuzAnna's Antiques or
SuzAnna's Antiques Station!

Friday, September 21, 2018

SuzAnna's Antiques & SuzAnna's Antiques Station 09/21/18

Hello All!
Both shops have been working overtime this week!
After coming thru the Hurricane with no 
damage to either of the shops, we kept busy
redoing and getting things Halloween ready!
With all the running around, the newsletter
got delayed a bit, so here are a quick few pictures!
One of our dealers headed to Pennsylvania,
and brought back a treasure trove of goodies!
You just need to come into both shops to see
all the goodies in person! 
But you can see some pictures on our
facebook pages! 
While you are out and about this weekend
be sure to stop by
Pop Up Raleigh at Trophy Brewing Co
So many of our friends are showcasing
their wares at the show this Saturday!
Quirky Grrrl Vintage will be bringing her awesome
vintage clothing and linens!
Tracey of Patina South will be bringing
her always awesome collection
of vintage goodness!
And new to the party this weekend,
Corollary Patterns will be bringing a whole range
of vintage reupholstered and inspired
items. Wait til you see her stuff!
Head out and show your love to all the great vendors!
Let them know SuzAnna's Antiques sent you!

Thursday, August 30, 2018

SuzAnna's Antiques and SuzAnna's Antiques Station 08/30/18

Thank you for sticking with us
during this heatwave! 
Check our Instagram or Facebook pages to see
if we have to close early. It is just
brutal in the afternoons under a tin roof!
We have been having so much fun bringing in 
all new items throughout BOTH shops!
Susie has wanted one of these shopping
basket sets since we opened 13 years ago!
Finally have come across one and LOVE IT!
Jenny has been dragging stuff out of storage,
and has found some fun finds that were forgotten!
And dealers have been hard at work
painting up a storm! 
Just wait til you come in to see all
the goodies we have in store for you!
SuzAnna's Antiques on Durant will
be open on Labor Day 10-5
Perfect day to come and play!
Check both Facebook pages for this 
weeks pictures!
You never know what you might find, that you just
can't live without, at SuzAnna's!

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

SuzAnna's Antiques and SuzAnna's Antiques Station Newsletter

So excited for the next few days of amazing temps!
It will actually begin to feel like the Fall
we are all waiting for!
We can start turning our thoughts to 
after school family dinners.
Getting back on schedules after the free for 
alls of summer break!
Planning our Halloween costume ideas!
Or figuring out if our tables will be big enough 
for Thanksgiving Family and Friends!
We do still have time for one more 
summer ride! 
So, at Durant, two of our dealers are having an
End of Summer Special, to make way for 
fun fall items!
Mintage Mod is giving 20% off anything in her
booth, now thru Labor Day
And Patina South is doing 25% off!
 Which means, no matter which way you go for 
Antiques, either to SuzAnna's Antiques in Raleigh
Or SuzAnna's Antiques Station in
You will find something you just can't live without
at SuzAnna's!