Thursday, September 22, 2011

SuzAnna's Antiques Newsletter

This newsletter will have to hold you guys,
over the next week!
Susie and I and my son are off on a family trip combined with a little shopping next week!
We are heading up to Vermont, so LOTS of great places to stop along the way!
Some of our dealers and the girls
 Rachel, Jasmin, Emma and Jennifer
will be holding down the fort while we are away!
Come see them, you never know what the mice will do while the cats are away!
With that being said, Susie has been hard at work all week changing everything up.
We have gotten in so many new pieces I really
will just let the pictures speak for themselves!
Oh who am I kidding? I love to talk!!
The above cabinet with the red interior is beautiful!
And this jelly cabinet is filled with an amazing collection of pottery!
 Debra and Todd came back from a buying trip
 to completely redo their booth as well!
This cot is so much fun! As is this great painted table below.
This wall in the office has all new jewelry!
Everything there was taken down and all new items were put up!

 Miss Bobbi just got back from Florida and is going to redo her vintage clothing booth,
but wants to give you guys the chance to get some things before she does!
 So she decided to give everyone 30% off in her booth!
Head to SuzAnna's Antiques soon to see what you can't live without!
With all the new items, you don't want to miss that perfect piece!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

SuzAnna's Antiques Newsletter

With the temperatures dropping,  it is FINALLY feeling like fall!
And just in time for the crisp weather, pumpkins have arrived
at The Vintage Village!
 Mr Sam at Sam's Country Porch has in these beautiful pumpkins and some very tasty apples!
Susie has already been busy making some yummy Apple Crisps! 
But pumpkins are showing up inside as well!
 Many of our dealers have been overhauling their booths
 to make way for Halloween and fall decorations!
 These two great candy jars will look perfect with candy corns in them!
And these beautiful planters outside in Gary and Teresa's booth will be perfect
with mum's decorating your yard! 
 Some dealers have even brought in costumes!
 Susie and I are pleased to introduce a new line of autumn and winter inspired soaps!
With names like Spiced Pumpkin, Apple Cider Shea Butter, Cranberry Chestnut and Fresh Holly,
you know you will find one you can't live without!
And since they are made right here in Raleigh,
you will be supporting not one, but two local small businesses!
 Susie has also been busy overhauling the shop!
You know how quickly things fly out the door around here, 
but this difference is AMAZING!
Some of the new pieces that have come in are wonderful!
 Cute framed pictures, beautiful corner cabinet,
 even a new vanity with a wonderfully shaped mirror!
Yup, there is something for everyone at SuzAnna's Antiques!
You just have to head on in to pick it out!!
See you soon at SuzAnna's! And to see even more pictures check out our facebook page!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

SuzAnna's Antiques Newsletter

Hope you all had a wonderful Labor Day!
It was a huge day at the shop, so thank you to everyone who came out!
Dressers and desks and tables went flying,
so there was lots of room for new items to come into the shop!
 Like this AMAZING kitchen table,
two chairs and two benches
 brought to us by Miss Teresa and Mr Gary.
With the red checks, plaids and floral dish towels, this is such a "happy" kitchen set!
 Then Miss Barb and Miss Karen, two of our new dealers,
brought in this great dresser, and this beautiful bookshelf!
 Mom and I were lucky enough to come across this tall dresser!
The legs and detailing on it are just wonderful!
 Miss Heidi carried in this marble topped linen chest.
The top has two cabinet doors with three drawers behind them. 
Then two big drawers on the bottom. Beautiful piece!
Even some outdoor items came in, perfect for enjoying the new cooler fall weather.
But big pieces were not the only items that came in this week!
Lots of new sewing notions!
Tons of new to us hardware pieces! Knobs, pulls and hooks!
These fun owl cups, six in all!
Boxes and boxes of glassware! It's never to early to start thinking of Holiday needs!
And for our crafty ladies, new buttons and bags full of jewelry making bits and bobs!
Come to SuzAnna's Antiques to find what you can't live without!