Saturday, January 31, 2009

Pink Saturday 1-31-09

Happy Pink Saturday!
Join Bev at How Sweet the Sound for more Pink Sweetness!
In anticipation, or maybe longing, of spring, Suzanna's Antiques has
been doing some updates! Susie has been hard at work painting and fluffing the shop. Check out the best front office in the best little shop in Raleigh!!
Could that be a new PINK wall in the office?
With framed pink tapestries, and a beautiful pink floral oil print??
This is not all the pink at Suzanna's!

This beautiful little mirrored wall hanging with a pink floral plate

as the center is also in the office.

A beautiful pink and white apron!

Heck, Suzanna's even sells pink Cadillacs!! hehehe!

Maybe the most helpful this weekend though

these beautiful vintage hankies, to wipe away the tears of sadness

that Anna is not working at the shop anymore!!!

We love you and know you will be around lots,

but it will be hard not to see you every Thursday and Friday!

Leave her a comment here or on her blog!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

For Sale Friday! 1-30-09

With everyone returning to simpler times,
and going back to the basics we thought we would too!
(Daisy Table Cloths $16.00)
What could be more basic then linens?
History traces linen fabric back to ancient Egypt,
and while we do not have any at the shop that
old, we do have amazing examples of linens!
Most linens were made for the hope chests of unmarried ladies.
Mothers taught their daughters at an early age
how to knit, embroider, sew, and crochet in preparation for marriage.
Young women started accumulating a collection of special items,
including lingerie, hand-embroidered linens,
towels, aprons, quilts, and other handicrafts,
and storing them for the future in a special chest,
(aprons various)
which became a symbol of hope for the future.
The tradition continued in the US, but by the
beginning of the 20th century, the hope chest had begun
(vintage fabric)
to lose popularity. However, during World War I,
the Lane Company won a large government contract
(Veterans Flag $30.00)
to build pine ammunition boxes for the military.
When the war was over, they converted the plant
for the production of cedar hope chests.
At the same time, they began an advertising campaign
to promote the new Lane Hope Chest,
and young women were captivated once again
(Yo Yo Push Pins Cork board $25.00)
by this romantic notion. During World War II,
Lane’s advertising was directed at young soldiers who,
the company hoped, would be convinced to
purchase a hope chest for the girls they left at home.
What could be a better wedding present for a new bride today,
(Wedding Ring Quilt Table Runner $35.00)
than a little bit of history in the form of a
beautiful vintage linen from another brides
hope chest from the past?
If anything makes you "hopeful" let us know and we can arrange delivery!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Pink Saturday 1-24-09

Happy Pink Saturday!
This is Suzanna's Antiques second Pink Saturday!
Thank you for coming to visit!!
If you are ever in Raleigh, NC come visit in person!!

Notice our pink shutters?? And our cashier sign?? Pinkness abounds at Suzanna's!

These are just some of our pink goodies!

For more of others peoples "pinkness" Please join Bev at

How Sweet the Sound!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

For Sale Friday 1-22-09

Maybe a jar for some oils,
maybe a jar hung with beads. ($10.00 each)
Maybe a jar for some syrup,


maybe some milk for your tea


maybe a bottle for vinegar


maybe a bottle for booze


maybe a bottle of perfume (sm $8.00 lg $12.50)

maybe a jar for your spoons, ($18.00) Maybe a bottle that's fancy ($18.00) maybe one full of dust


maybe a jar for some soaps


Maybe a jar full of strings


Or maybe, just maybe, a jar that can sing!


If anything "jars" you, hehehe,

let us know and we will figure out shipping and handling! First come, first served!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Pink Saturday 1-17-09

Thank you for visiting! This is Suzanna's Antiques first Pink Saturday! Please leave us a comment and let us know if you like what you see!

This is a hanging chandler from our dealers Gary and Teresa! Pink bulbs, pink crystals, pink much more pink could you get?? We are always amazed at how many of our friends show things from Suzanna's Antiques for Pink Saturday! Please join Beverly and all our other friends at How Sweet the Sound for more Pink Saturday fun!

Friday, January 16, 2009

For Sale Friday 1-16-09

With temperatures not getting above freezing,
and there not being any heat in the building,
Suzanna's will not be open on Friday!! (freezer box $5.50)
So we thought we would share with you all the
items you need to stay warm and snug in your kitchen! (Green Fridge $35.00)
Start by getting all the ingredients for
your favorite comfort food out of your fridge. (3 Bowls $28.00, Casserole $15.00)
Then mix them together in your Crazy Daisy Pyrex set
and pour it into the matching casserole dish. (Various Prices)

Make sure you have your bakelite serving spoons ready for (Pink Stove $14.00)

when it comes out of the oven!

(Tea Cups $3.00 Each)

While waiting for your goodies to cook,

would you enjoy a cup of tea?

(Pitcher $22.00)

With cream?(Various Prices)


(Flasks set of three $65.00)

Or maybe something stronger to keep you warm? hehehe! (Cake Cooling Cabinet with original Good Housekeeping Seal $129.00)

After your item is cooked, maybe it needs to sit and cool,

before you can give it your seal of approval?

(Cake Plate $30.00)

Unless you need this beautiful cake plate for

Susie's Birthday Cake?
Happy Birthday Susie, thought I'd forgotten??
If you would like any of the items shown here,
leave us a comment and we will send you an invoice!!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

For Sale Fridays!!

(Sterling Silver Jewelry-Various)
For Sale Fridays is going to be a regular
feature here on Suzanna's Blog!!
Sometimes we will reflect the season, (Snowflake $6.00)
sometimes our world famous newsletter(Book $6.00)
and sometimes feature a specific dealer or
consigner we have at the shop!!
(Little Girl in Blue $12.00)
This week it is cold here is Raleigh,
so why not show off some BLUE,
(Snowflake Necklace $15.00 Blue Rhinestone Pin $8.00)
While we dream of spring flowers,
(Blue Nail Art $22.50)
bluebirds,(Vintage Valentine Card $3.00)
and their nests!(Birds Nest Necklace $24.00)
So hang up your apron,
(Coat Rack $27.00)
(Child's vintage inspired fabric apron $28.00)
get a warm cookie,

(Cookie Jar $14.00)

And join us on Fridays for For Sale Fridays!

If you see anything you want,

leave me a comment and I will send you an invoice!

See you at the shop!!

Suzanna's Antiques