Tuesday, August 31, 2010

SuzAnna's Antiques Quickie

Just a quick note before the regular newsletter email going out later this week! HUGE CLEARANCE EVENT going on now! Before the walls go up in the new addition we are taking advantage of the space to clean and fluff everything for fall, so we are clearancing out a ton of merchandise! Come see what you can't live without! Most items are up to 50% off or more! See ya soon! Susie, Jenny and Gail! -- SuzAnna's Antiques 9300 Durant Road Raleigh, NC 27614 (919) 844-2652 SuzAnnasAntiques@gmail.com http://suzannasantiques.blogspot.com/

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

SuzAnna's Antiques Newsletter

Did you know that SuzAnna's Antiques is not the only thing Durant Road has to offer??Across the street from "The Vintage Village" You can have a wonderful lunch at Cafe Capistrano!Or take one of the last dirt roads left in Raleigh To visit Durant Nature Park!Maybe take a walk around the newly opened North Raleigh Landfill Park!
Built right on the grounds of the old landfill! If nature is not your thing, Falls River Shopping Center has Day Spas, lunch and dinner options, shopping for both mom and kids at various spots, or for dad at Ace Hardware or the River Pub! You could go waste away an hour at Kohl's in the Falls Point Shopping Center,
while sipping on a latte from Starbucks!
But let's be serious...you know antiquing is what brings you to Durant!!
The Two Old Birds have added onto their building!New flooring, new porch, new antiques!! Sam's Country Porch has new veggies and fruit in every day!The Shack by the Track is getting a new neighbor too!
A landscaper is going into the little tin roofed building to the left!
Then there is SUZANNA'S ANTIQUES!New merchandise in every day!New dealers are signing leases!Some dealers even having sales! What better place to spend the weekend than Durant Road and SuzAnna's Antiques!
We've got you covered!!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

SuzAnna's Antiques Newsletter

Remember last week when we told you we were starting our addition?Well, we are finishing it this week! We have been amazed at how fast these guys have worked and gotten everything on the outside done!
Now we can start on the finishing work inside!
We are planning a Grand Opening Party, so keep tuned to your email for updates!
While all the work has been going on outside,
lots of work has been going on inside too!New "Dirty Laundry" towels have come in!Some wonderful hankies came in to add to your collections!New vintage clothes, hats and bags have arrived!And TONS of stuff in Sam's booth has been reduced to
make way for new merchandise on it way!Debbie and Todd brought in new purses, shelves, a desk and lots of dishware!Arlene and Joseph have in new pieces as well!As do Gary and Teresa!Even our consigners have brought in new pieces!Just look at this beautiful new mirror sconce!So instead of sitting around wondering what you are going to do this weekend, head to SuzAnna's Antiques and see what you can't live without!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

SuzAnna's Antiques Newsletter

SuzAnna's Antiques seems to be the talk of the town!With our construction sale and the buzz about the new dealers we are bringing in,it might be the time to come see what the fuss is all about!New pieces are coming in almost every day!Be sure to tune into our Facebook page for updates on construction!This light is one of those new pieces!! Absolutely one of the prettiest we have in house!!These two kitchen cabinets are new as well! And I know I have shown the blue dishes before, but each time it is on a new table!!
This one is amazing! Remember our doors in the yard are still on sale and
can be made into any number of items!
A sewing table for your office or craft room maybe?!
Keep an eye out this weekend for a ton more sewing notions to be coming in.Unless your taste runs more for the formal like this new Edwardian side table,

or these wonderful corbels in the yard!

With the heat to be in the triple digits again these next few days, we will close early on Wednesday to keep our customers and employees safe.

See you soon at SuzAnna's!