Wednesday, January 31, 2018

SuzAnna's Antiques and SuzAnna's Antiques Station 01/31/18

What a difference a day makes!!
SuzAnna's Antiques, Durant
Saturday was BEAUTIFUL, so we got to play 
in the yard and create lots of new looks for you all!
SuzAnna's Antiques, Durant
Sunday and Monday were yucky, so we played inside!
SuzAnna's Antiques Station, Youngsville
With all our new gnome friends!
SuzAnna's Antiques Station, Youngsville
You would not believe some of the goodies
that have come in! With two news dealers, one at 
each location, it has been super fun displaying things!
SuzAnna's Antiques Station, Youngsville
And trying to NOT bring everything 
home with us!!
SuzAnna's Antiques Durant
No matter how much I want, every-single-one
of these pin up cards, for Valentine's Day!
SuzAnna's Antiques Durant
You just have to come in and see what you 
can't live without from BOTH SuzAnna's Antiques!
SuzAnna's Antiques Station, Youngsville
I promise, you will find something for everyone!
You can see more pictures of each 
location on our facebook pages!

Thursday, January 25, 2018

SuzAnna's Antiques and SuzAnna's Antiques Station Newsletter 01/25/18

January is all about getting back to basics!
But basics NEVER have to be boring!
SuzAnna's Antiques Station, Youngsville
I mean who would ever say Ironstone is boring?
SuzAnna's Antiques, Durant
Or how "basic" does this silver and blue look?
SuzAnna's Antiques Durant
Grey with gold accents!! Traditionally beautiful!
SuzAnna's Antiques Station, Youngsville
Cubbyhole cabinet?? Basic and anything BUT boring!
We are so excited to have the warmer 
weather the last few days!
SuzAnna's Antiques Durant
We have even been able to start playing in the yards!
SuzAnna's Antiques Station, Youngsville
And all the green is reminding us that spring 
will be here soon!
SuzAnna's Antiques Station, Youngsville
Just in time for the spring time glass flowers
to start blooming!!!
SuzAnna's Antiques, Durant
Check out these and other great photos on 
our facebook pages!
SuzAnna's Antiques, Durant
Basic with a bit of a surprise!
What are you looking for to get you back to
your basics?? Let us help you find it!

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

SuzAnna's Antiques and SuzAnna's Antiques Station 01/10/18

We are so excited to be open!
Winter can be a rough time for Small Business!
We so appreciate you sticking with us while we were 
closed last week!
Wait until you see some of the amazing items
coming in from all our dealers and consigners!
We have been hard at work, packing Christmas away
and redecorating the shops for you!
Plus we have new dealers going into both shops!
Wait until you see all the goodies!!
You will need a truck and trailer to take it all
home with you!!
See you soon at SuzAnna's!!
check out the pictures on each of our 
Facebook Pages!

Thursday, January 4, 2018

SuzAnna's Antiques and SuzAnna's Antiques Station 01/04/18

Happy New Year!
Sorry that we have to be closed for these days!
But you know us, we are always busy little elves!
Since we knew the temperatures
were dropping, we brought home some boxes 
to consolidate Christmas and found
some goodies we never put out!
It only seemed fitting we share these 
cuties with you!
I will put up all the pictures onto Facebook
so you guys can look through!
If you see one that catches your eye, let us know
so we can set it aside for you!
Keep an eye on our Facebook pages to know
 when we will open again. 
With temperatures below 32 degrees,
and no heat in the buildings, it is just 
not safe for customers or employees!
We hope to be open on Sunday at Durant,
and maybe as a special late gift from Santa, 
on Monday at Youngsville! 
But we will let you guys know!
See you soon at SuzAnna's!