Wednesday, September 29, 2010

SuzAnna's Antiques Newsletter

Thank goodness!
The temperatures have finally cooled off, the pumpkins have arrived,
and for those of us here in the south...coats might have to be pulled
out soon with highs only in the 60's! Hopefully we won't get washed away with the massive
amounts of rain in the area right now!
Due to the rain, call the shop tomorrow before you head out.
We will not open until after the rain stops, whenever that might be....
So much new stuff has come into the shop this week. Mom and I headed to Liberty and saw quite a few of you there! We even had to call Gail at the shop to hold certain things when customers and other dealers recognized us!!
Whenever there is something in the newsletter you are interested in,
shoot me back an email, call the store, send up a flare, hehehe, and let us know to hold it for you. We take credit cards over the phone and can set aside the piece until you get there!
But Mom and I were not the only ones who brought in new merchandise! New cowboys have ridden in!Along with some amazing linens in many of the booths!
Just in time to use while baking those pumpkin pies!
Birdies have arrived to roost for the winter,
and jewelry is embellishing the branches!
When you dry out, come see what we have in our jars!
It just might be the key to something you
can't live without!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

SuzAnna's Antiques Newsletter

Just you wait! If you have not come into SuzAnna's Antiques in the last few days or weeks,
All the new dealers are into their booths and two have already had to restock!(most of these mason jars were gone just after I took this picture!!)
Plus all your favorite dealers have brought in amazing items this week as well!New cabinets,wonderfully fun drawer pulls!
New dressers!
Some dealers are even having sales!
All the china in this booth is 20% off this week!
Fall colors are appearing too!
With temperatures in the 70's this Sunday...and all the new items!
Come see what you can't live without at SuzAnna's!
I'll be imagning myself in this beautiful vintage dress
having some handsome man pour me a drink!

Why don't you join me? I have your dress already picked out!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

SuzAnna's Antiques Newsletter

Oh My Goodness! What an amazing morning!
Mom and I worked with some wonderful people this morning at a
photo shoot in Garner featuring lots of antiques from
SuzAnna's Antiques, Sam's Country Porch and Two Old Birds!!
BUT we can't show you any of the pictures until the magazine
comes out in December, so stay tuned!!
You will be blown away!!
So instead, let's show you some of the things that will blow you away at SuzAnna's!

Look at all the sparklies!! We have in some of the most beautiful rhinestone jewelry ever! And nothing looks better with jeans and a white t-shirt than BLING!! hehehe!Or if bling is not your thing, Gary and Teresa have added a whole little kitchen area with the most fun measuring cup I have ever seen!Debra and Todd have gotten some cute little items in this week too! Traveling anywhere soon? Your dolls clothes would be perfect in this small suitcase!They even have the sewing machines to make the doll clothes!!

If bigger is better to you, Sam has in some beautiful yard long prints!

This is just one of many!And mom found this fun bench over the weekend.

You can't tell from this picture but it is


But my favorite piece in the shop is this pink enamel cabinet!
This piece will not last long so come see it while you can!
Our new dealers will be beginning to move in over the weekend and we could not be happier!
Head to SuzAnna's Antiques soon.
We know you'll find something you can't live without!
(plus there MIGHT be an album with some pictures from the photo shoot....
if you promise not to tell anyone! Shhhh!!!)

Thursday, September 9, 2010

SuzAnna's Antiques Newsletter

WHOOOOOO's coming to SuzAnna's this weekend!?!
Since all of our focus has been on the addition lately you might not realize
all the new things coming into and outside the shop, like this beautiful arbor above!
Or this amazing hall tree made from a repurposed mantel!
With fall right around the corner we have turned
our attention to the beautiful quilts we have in the shop and
how you might begin to use them in your decor!
This incredible desk arrived and will not be here long!
Come see it while it is still here!Debra and Todd brought in a new cabinet that is beyond belief, along with some new floral china that they are becoming known for!!Those of you looking for a buffet are in luck!
This beauty came in last week and another style one
is having the finishing touches applied as I type!
After all, where else are you going to put your chenille cake, but on a new buffet??

And finally...remember all the 1/2 price items...anything left over is now $1.00!

This weekend only!

Come see what you can't live without!!

Susie, Jenny and the Girls!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

SuzAnna's Antiques Newsletter

If Hurricane Earl's winds don't blow you away this weekend,
all the changes at SuzAnna's will!We were so busy on Saturday of last weekend that almost
EVERYTHING in the shop is new!Since the beaches are all closed and evacuated, head to SuzAnna's to relax!Come see the new kitchen cabinets, all the beautiful new linens, and vintage clothing,and really the whole newly decorated shop!Sewing notions have come in by the basketful's for all you crafters!But, with all the moving and cleaning and organizing,
we have uncovered a ton of clearance merchandise!All at almost 1/2 off! Please head in this weekend and help us clear out some of these goodies!You will not believe the great deals!A whole table at half off, just for you!!

So please head in this weekend to be swept off your feet

and see what you can't live without!

Susie, Jenny and Gail