Saturday, February 28, 2009

Pink Saturday! 2-28-09

We are waiting for spring here at Suzanna's,
but with the weather man calling for snow Sunday night,
we will just have to make due with these pictures of flowers!

All such beautiful pink flowers!

Have a great Pink Saturday and join Bev at How Sweet the Sound for more

Pink Saturday Posts!

Friday, February 27, 2009

For Sale Friday! 2-27-09

We are expecting some special friends this weekend from out of town,

(semi precious stones map of the world $325.00)

so we have been working extra hard at dressing up Suzanna's this week. We have to put our best foot forward!

(Kitsch Shoe $4.00)

Since Suzanna's looks so good we have to pull together ourselves!

We are trying to pick out a purse!

(Box Purse $7.00)


(Beaded Purse $28.00)

Or dressy?

(Cameo $85.00)
Traditional Jewelry?

(Brooch $4.00)

Or funky?

(Diamond Ring $225.00)

Have to have on some sparkles!

(Bracelet Ring $45.00)

One for each hand!

(Butterscotch Bakelite Bangle $45.00)

Can't forget the Bakelite bangles!

(Kitchen items, Various)

So get hopping to Suzanna's this weekend!

(Children's books Various)

Take a plane!

(Green Iron Bus $38.00)

Or a bus!

(Bunny on Chick $24.00)


(Blue chandelier $125.00)

We'll leave the lights on for you!


Jenny and Suzie!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Across the Pond!

If you have not visited Mary at Across the Pond you are missing a treat! She is a great friend of Suzanna's Antiques and I am not kidding when I say we should pay her advertising fees!! She loves to visit and take pictures at Suzanna's! Please visit her blog when you have the chance and tell her Jenny sent you!!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Pink Saturday 2-21-09

Happy Pink Saturday!
Doesn't everyone need a pink dresser with
pink glass knobs and a pink toile stool? Or maybe you are just looking for an eternally perfect pink rose?
Both can be yours at Suzanna's Antiques! Have a great pink Saturday
and join Beverly at How Sweet the Sound for more pinkness!

Friday, February 20, 2009

For Sale Friday! 2-20-09

With Spring coming up all over the place
( I have crocus's blooming and mom has mini daffodils and hyacinths! )
we felt we would get a jump on the spring cleaning at Suzanna's.
We have pushed pulled and swept every part of the store inside and out!!
Come find something new at Suzanna's!
Buttons anyone?
How about some jewelry from our new display case?
Something green?
Something red?
Something blue?
Something woven?

What are you looking for to spruce up your spring season?

Come find it at Suzanna's!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Pink Valentine's Saturday!

Happy Pink Saturday Valentine's Day!!
What better day for Beverly of How Sweet the Sound
to host all the ladies who love PINK!
Maybe we can all get together for tea and cake??

And remember to bring

the love of your life to the shop that you love!

See you at Suzanna's!!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

For Sale Friday 2-13-09

So, what does your heart desire
this week from Suzanna's?
Love Letters?

Pictures of Loved Ones?

Vintage Hearts?

Hand painted Furniture? Or just a box of Chocolates? As always if anything here hold the keys to your heart let me know and I can tell you the price!!

Thanks Susie and Jenny

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Pink Saturday 2-7-09

Happy Pink Saturday!

Suzanna's has a great little chalkboard right on the side of the building!!

What better to write for all the gentlemen sitting in the

garden chairs in the sun this weekend while their wives shop?

Some Valentines ideas for those gentlemen!! A beautiful pink outdoor table and chairs! A pink poodle planter? Or combine what every woman really wants, flowers and jewelry!Happy Pink Saturday!

Join Beverly at How Sweet the Sound for more Pink Goodies!

Friday, February 6, 2009

For Sale Friday 2-6-09

Yeah!! It's Friday!!!
Come See whats new at Suzanna's!(glasses $4.00)
This weeks For Sale Friday is all about the great outdoors!
With temps in the upper 60's, can you blame us??
One of three potting tables for sale this weekend at the shop for $100.00!

But they don't have to just be potting tables..

why not a bar in a sunroom?

Or a dressing table in a garden themed bedroom?

See these beautiful green chairs??

Wouldn't they look great on your front porch?

Here are some beautiful pots for planting flowers on your back patio or porch!!

Let us (lettuce, hehehe) help you decorate your outdoors so you can be

the King or Queen of the Garden!! See you at Suzanna's!!