Thursday, December 18, 2008

Ready for the Holidays?

Santa is on his way!

(Vintage Santa Travel Case $35.00)

Have you gotten all your gifts yet?

If not, you are running out of time!!(Christmas Coo Coo Clock $37.50)

Let Suzanna's and their dealers help! (Rake with Ornaments $12.00)

We even have your yard decorations done for you!!

How about a cute vintage rocking
horse for that mom and dad to be??

(Rocking Horse $88.00)

Beautiful Vintage Chandeliers will add some light to your holiday tables!

(Bright Floral Chandelier $199.00) (Pastel Floral Chandelier $450.00) (Entryway Chandelier $199.00) (Dress Form Lamp $ 75.00) Or some lamps will sparkle in your corners! (Table Lamp $195.00)

(Large Scottie Dog $25.00, Small $22.00)

Don't forget your furry friend lovers!

(Antique screw nut cracker $24.00)

How about a nut cracker for all those Chestnuts?

(Various prices)

Some vintage poinsettia drinking glasses for eggnog?

(Wall Hanging $55.00)

Or a rusty one of a kind wall hanging for your Aunt?

(Coal Set $75.00) SOLD THANK YOU!

And a coal set for those cold winter nights.

(Cookie Jar $38.00)

Don't forget to put out the cookies for Santa,

(various sables and minks $10.00 to $20.00)

and slip a sable under the tree for me!

If you are interested in any of the above items be the first to say "I WANT IT" in the comment sections and we will send it to you!

Shipping and handling will depend on where you are!!


Lori said...

ohhhh, I love it! Great job Jenny!! I love the background with the back damask sides! And, I want that entry-way chadelier! I don't know where I'd put it - oh, how about my bathroom!! cute!!

Lady and Librarian said...

I have to come by and see yall! Love the way the blog looks! Jenny: I am baking your cool whip cookies this weekend. Let's hope I don't burn down the house!

Deborah said...

LOOK AT YOU!!! You're off to a great start with this blog. Love your idea of being able to say "I want that" and it arrives at our door! Wow...that's better than QVC! lol! They don't have the wonderful antiques and shabby chic that SuzAnna's does.

...and THANK YOU for adding me to your blog list...HUGS!