Thursday, January 29, 2009

For Sale Friday! 1-30-09

With everyone returning to simpler times,
and going back to the basics we thought we would too!
(Daisy Table Cloths $16.00)
What could be more basic then linens?
History traces linen fabric back to ancient Egypt,
and while we do not have any at the shop that
old, we do have amazing examples of linens!
Most linens were made for the hope chests of unmarried ladies.
Mothers taught their daughters at an early age
how to knit, embroider, sew, and crochet in preparation for marriage.
Young women started accumulating a collection of special items,
including lingerie, hand-embroidered linens,
towels, aprons, quilts, and other handicrafts,
and storing them for the future in a special chest,
(aprons various)
which became a symbol of hope for the future.
The tradition continued in the US, but by the
beginning of the 20th century, the hope chest had begun
(vintage fabric)
to lose popularity. However, during World War I,
the Lane Company won a large government contract
(Veterans Flag $30.00)
to build pine ammunition boxes for the military.
When the war was over, they converted the plant
for the production of cedar hope chests.
At the same time, they began an advertising campaign
to promote the new Lane Hope Chest,
and young women were captivated once again
(Yo Yo Push Pins Cork board $25.00)
by this romantic notion. During World War II,
Lane’s advertising was directed at young soldiers who,
the company hoped, would be convinced to
purchase a hope chest for the girls they left at home.
What could be a better wedding present for a new bride today,
(Wedding Ring Quilt Table Runner $35.00)
than a little bit of history in the form of a
beautiful vintage linen from another brides
hope chest from the past?
If anything makes you "hopeful" let us know and we can arrange delivery!

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