Friday, February 27, 2009

For Sale Friday! 2-27-09

We are expecting some special friends this weekend from out of town,

(semi precious stones map of the world $325.00)

so we have been working extra hard at dressing up Suzanna's this week. We have to put our best foot forward!

(Kitsch Shoe $4.00)

Since Suzanna's looks so good we have to pull together ourselves!

We are trying to pick out a purse!

(Box Purse $7.00)


(Beaded Purse $28.00)

Or dressy?

(Cameo $85.00)
Traditional Jewelry?

(Brooch $4.00)

Or funky?

(Diamond Ring $225.00)

Have to have on some sparkles!

(Bracelet Ring $45.00)

One for each hand!

(Butterscotch Bakelite Bangle $45.00)

Can't forget the Bakelite bangles!

(Kitchen items, Various)

So get hopping to Suzanna's this weekend!

(Children's books Various)

Take a plane!

(Green Iron Bus $38.00)

Or a bus!

(Bunny on Chick $24.00)


(Blue chandelier $125.00)

We'll leave the lights on for you!


Jenny and Suzie!

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GeorgiaPeachez said...

Can't wait, we've got our checkbooks ready! xo, suzy