Friday, March 20, 2009

For Sale Friday 3-20-09

With this "For Sale Friday" on the first day of spring,
it's time to stop and smell the flowers!
They are blooming all over Suzanna's Antiques! Outside! Inside!
In pinks!
In golds! On aprons!
On parasols!On lamps!
On pottery and
In pottery!

Take the time this weekend to stop and smell the flowers, wherever you may find them!

Susie and Jenny

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Hi everybody! Happy First Day of SPRING! After all that rain last weekend we should see some beautiful spring flowers all over the place very soon! Are you ready to get your gardens in gear? Need a hand with decorating those gardens?? Suzanna’s Antiques is the place for you! We have some beautiful patio sets, separate funky outdoor chairs, trellis’, antique iron gates, fun potting tables and some beautiful planters all waiting to grace your yard! If you need a little inspiration, how about spending the day with us in Oxford on Saturday? Suzanna’s Antiques will be a featured vendor at the “Remember When” Antique and Garden Show this Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Let us put you in the mood for garden decorating! Actually, we have your whole weekend planned out for you!! On Friday start at Bella House, a fun spot mom found last week on a buying trip! They are in Burlington and are having an open house sidewalk sale this Friday and Saturday! See their website for more information! Then start Saturday morning at the Wakefield High School Yard sale! They are raising money for the band for concert trips and uniforms and whatnot!! The sale starts at 8 am but for a $5.00 donation you can get in at 7:30 and get first dibs on all the goodies!! Check out the sale blog here! Our very own Miss Anna is in charge!! Next, head to Oxford to see up to twenty vendors (including Suzanna’s Antiques) at the “Remember When” Antique and Garden Show! We will have lots of great garden themed ideas and creations for you to use in your yard! Like the cute wooden Dutch shoes painted and planted for customers to enjoy. The sale is Friday, Saturday and Sunday! On your way stop at the new “Sprig” in Wake Forest! This is a fabulous new plants and garden d├ęcor shop owned by Lisa Snarski ! We love her! She is just like us! After visiting Oxford, head to Ornamentea for the Downtown Designers Market off of Peace Street! Tons of vendors with handmade jewelry, clothes and supplies, including Stacey Newton and Laura Orcutt, will be about, with all their vintage items for your crafting needs! Mom and I headed to Aberdeen this week and got some great new items for the shop! A beautiful white daisy hanging chandelier, a funky Indian inspired brass cutout hanging lamp, a beautiful white vanity and lots of new jewelry, benches and glass wear, all for your decorating wants and needs! If there is something you are specifically looking for, let us know!! We just located 25 windows for one client and have found chandeliers and dressers and china for others!! What is on your wish list? Suzanna’s tip of the week: Need a plant marker? Use an old fork! The prongs will hold your seed packet! As always, have a wonderful weekend and we look forward to seeing you at Suzanna’s and about town! Susie and Jenny

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