Friday, March 6, 2009

For Sale Friday! 3-6-09

Now that the snow has melted and spring is starting to show her party colors, the animals have started coming back out at Suzanna's to play!The Ducks are dancing with the chickens!The Roosters are doing the rumba!
The Bunnies are bouncing around!

The puppies are playing the polka!

The Cows are mooooooving around.

The sheep are doing the shimmy!

The turtles are tapping their toes.

The piggy's are partying in the kitchen......

I think we all know where that food goes!

So come kick up your hoofs at Suzanna's!

We promise to never tell whoooooo!!

Love Susie and Jenny!!


Priscila said...

what is the blue sheep in the red backgroud?

~Deborah~ said...

lol! Very cute, Jenny!