Thursday, March 26, 2009

Friday Finds!

Here at Suzanna's we are contantly amazed by our dealers finds!
They all work very hard combing the area for fun new items to tickle your fancy.
Here are just a few of the new goodies they have

unearthed, or even created, for your decoration and collecting enjoyment!

This tin would be wonderful in a craft room for all your bits and bobs!

Imagine sitting at this table for a fun family dinner on the back deck?

Maybe lit from above by this chandlier?

Or how about these, gracing the sheves of your kitchen?

Need a new piggy step stool for that kitchen?

So, come play with us at Suzanna's and see what treasure you find!


Lori said...

I love how you all are showing pictures of the items mentioned in your weekly email. I LOVE this tin-tiered bin - for a craft room - what a great idea ~ I think it's calling my name!

The Muse said...

Gasping over the first pic...vintage bar glasses!!!

Kris said...

Oh' how I wish I was closer to your shop. I love everything you featured, but that table and chairs stopped me in my tracks. It would look so good sitting on my patio.

Have a happy day