Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Suzanna's Antiques Newsletter

Hello Everyone!! WOW oh WOW! If you have not made it to the shop in a week or two, now is the time to come in! The entire shop has been transformed, and we are finally finished! There has not been a single thing that has not moved, shifted or switched to another location!

It is BEAUTIFUL! We have unearthed some great items you may not have seen before! That is the best part of moving all the merchandise; you never know what you might find! We have located a ton of linens, so what should we do?? How about a ½ off selected linens sale? We have cutter quilts, regular quilts, pillows, tablecloths, placemats, napkins… almost anything you may want! We also unearthed some beautiful hand painted furniture pieces that were kind of hidden before, and just got in a new fun wicker four piece set. There is a mirror, dresser, nightstand and chair with that set.

We have everything at Suzanna’s Antiques! We even have some enamel kitchen sinks in right now!! Hehehe! Jeannie was in, updating her booth, and taking markdowns on almost everything in there! She brought in some beautiful new vintage aprons, a great new bed and one of the most beautiful enamel doctor desks I have ever seen!

She also has her cute flower and wire cake domes on special two for five dollars! Give one as a present and keep one for yourself! Ray and Gloria have some wonderful chandeliers in their booth right now, unusual colored ones

and some super sparkly crystal ones. And don’t forget Ray for any of your lamp rewiring needs! Call the shop for his number! Jeff and Julia are becoming known for their chalk ware pieces and they do not disappoint this week!

Check the blog for a picture of the beautiful mirrored chalk ware piece in their booth. They also carry a wide range of bakelight handled kitchen pieces

and have some great toile painted trays.

Arlene and Joseph have brought in some new items as well! They are so happy you love their booth so much! How about an entryway wall hook for your kitchen with some chickens on it?

Perfect for hanging all those vintage aprons from Jeannie’s booth!! Or a beautiful white birdcage!

So pretty! Gary and Teresa have expanded! They now have two booths and their second is just as cute as their first! Check the blog for a picture of the precious corner desk and chair they have!

Linda’s booth is wonderful as always! Need a storage cabinet? She has two in her booth for you! One white and one a fun purple shade!

Or some new pictures for your beach house…she has what you want! Don’t forget, Suzanna’s Antiques offers decorating help! Linda is available for any of your decorating questions! She can come to your house and help you figure out that dark corner, or the unusual hallway. Call the shop for an appointment! Sam at Sam’s Country Porch started selling their plants at 50% off today! Stop by now for the best selection! There are still many beautiful ones to choose from! Tracy is doing wonderful and wanted me to thank you all for coming out to spend time with her!

The Little Shabby Shed is doing wonderful and has more items then Tracy can even fit inside, so she has decorated under her shelter as well and has some beautiful pieces! Philip has one of his garden rooms completed and it should be decorated by this weekend!

He also has two of his smaller garden sheds, all made with reclaimed materials from torn down buildings! Pictures of these are on the blog as well! So head to Suzanna’s Antiques this weekend, we have created quite the little shopping village for you to enjoy and look forward bringing you many other fun activities throughout the summer! Pig pickings, Suzanna’s Treasure Markets and many more great vintage and antique items for you to enjoy! Thank you and see you soon at Suzanna’s! Susie, Jenny and the Girls!


Lisa said...

OH NO!! I hope I get out soon!
Hugs, Lisa

Jared said...


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Holly said...

Wow, some day when I feel like traveling again, I'm coming over!

I think I spied something with a nursery decal on it! You just gotta figure out that click to enlarge thing, hon! ♥