Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Remember Me?

Hey Ya'll!
Remember me? I've been gone a while and staying real busy! Susie and Jenny have gone to the beach for a much needed vacation and I jumped at the chance to say hey to everyone.
This print found in Linda's booth (no names!)
I left SuzAnna's in February so I could be more available to my family. I don't know why I believed they would need me less as they got older. Fortunately, I drug my youngest through 7th grade pre-algebra. The workbook with all of his homework still in it is sitting in the fire place waiting for a cool night in October so he can light it on fire! I'm enjoying my summer break and pretending like I won't have anything to worry about when 8th grade math knocks on our door!
Desk from Gloria and Ray's booth

My oldest has purchased himself a new bike. He and several neighborhood boys spend hours on the trails behind our house building jumps and ramps. So far, we have had only one minor injury on the jumps with the bike coming out with the worst of the damage. The front tire was shaped like a taco. This baby is more my speed...

Linda's three-wheeler with large basket

This summer, I am trying my hand at gardening! While I haven't planted any...

Fun signs made by Linda
I have managed to grow lots of cucumbers, a purple pepper, a handful of green beans and some okra. Squash blossoms are coming out of my ears, but no squash seem to follow! Lots more should be coming. I spend hours each day watering and weeding.
Check SuzAnna's hardware department
As for all of the flowers in my yard, the black eyed Susan's and the zinnias are doing quite well.
Find these in Jeff and Julia's booth

Unfortunately, the deer have discovered our yard. The fence does nothing to keep them out. I found one dining by the cemetery late one night (sounds like I should have scary music playing). When I interrupted, she had no problem clearing the fence and the hill to the neighbor's yard with just two jumps!

Deer shelf on back wall of the shop
My roses and hydrangeas should be as pretty as this chandelier, but naked stalks and stems just can't seem to pull off this look! Who knew deer were so hungry?
Chandelier just outside the office door

Whenever I have a few free minutes, I head to my basement to paint. I have just finished painting all of the furniture on my front porch red.

Corner shelf found in the kitchen area

With that large chore finally done, it was time to get all of my planters organized. With donations of orchids and ferns from my Aunts, my porch is rather full. Anything that sits still for too long will have plants sitting on it, growing from it, or hanging over it!

Swan planter located in the front yard

Remember that cute little chick I brought to the shop? He grew up to be a rather psychotic and perverted rooster. My girls have finally decided to be nice to him, so I am not his only friend. He is often the featured subject in the stories on my blog:

Metal rooster found in Nancy's booth
My Ruby has just hatched her first two chicks. She has had many attempts in the past, but no success. She is a proud Mama with a fierce peck! I am a slow learner and can't seem to keep my hands out of her way!
Cute garden hens found in Gary and Teresa's booth

I have three favorite forms of entertainment. The first is listening to books on CD. I can listen while I'm driving, painting, cooking dinner, get the picture. Since my eyes turned 40, I can't seem to hold a book comfortably while I read. You know what I mean, arms stretched long, head tilted to the right, eyes slightly crossed. With books on CD, I only have to hold that position long enough to read the cover!

The library!
My second form of entertainment is watching the squirrels and birds from my kitchen window! I was thrilled when a red-headed squirrel started hanging out under my feeder filled with sunflower seeds.

Squirrel and bird bath in the front yard

My hummingbirds are in a frenzy. Their favorite time of day is around dinner time. If we eat on the back deck, we can hear their sword fights as they bicker over whose turn it is to sit at the feeder.

Lynn's cute bluebird name holder

My old Riley Dog is my final form of entertainment. He is a good old happy pound puppy. We have had him for 10 years. He's the most obedient and faithful member of my family.

Everybody wants a chalk-ware puppy!

Riley keeps me laughing with his grunting and groaning. If you ask him if he wants to go for a walk, he starts barking and running in circles around the garage! Look for these fun signs in Sam's booth

Those of you who have met my husband know I'm married to a sweet Australian man. Next week, he hopes to become a US citizen. We've been in the US for 19 years. I am sure his desire to cancel my vote has something to do with it! I'm thrilled for him. Anybody got a good apple pie recipe that I can fix for our celebration?

Stars can be found throughout the shop!

I have gotten good at juggling my hats! My antiquing hat still gets quite a bit of use. I still bring any fun stuff I find to SuzAnna's! Isn't it amazing how much our little community has grown! I'm glad I got to be a part of it's beginning!

Vintage hats in Jeannie's booth

I sure do miss seeing ya'll and hearing what you've been up to. Susie keeps me posted. Hope the beach weather isn't too hot so Susie and Jenny can just relax. Enjoy the rest of your summer. I hope to see you all at the shop sometime soon!



Lisa said...

HI Anna!! So glad you are back for a bit! Also glad you got through Algebra!! Have a great summer!
Hugs, Lisa

Jillian said...

It was fun seeing all of your pictures...gotta love antiques! :0)