Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Suzanna's Antiques Newsletter!

Wow! Finally the oppressive heat has lifted! Now that you know you are not going to spontaneously combust, come on out to SuzAnna's Antiques and see all the changes!

We have finished moving, dusting, hanging and placing every item in the shop and it looks amazing! A whole new vintage baby area

has been created, a new kitchen collection

and lots of new displays have been arranged!

With all the moving, everything is coming up ROSES!!

In every corner of shop you will find some beautiful display of roses. On desks, pictures, plates, tablecloths, pillows....
You name it and we have it with roses on it!

Even in every one of the dealers' booths you can find rose items!



Gary and Teresa's

Joseph and Arleen's



Jeff and Julia even have this bumble bee dresser to pollinate all the roses!! hehehe!

While we were reinventing the shop and turning into puddles on the hottest days of this summer, we came across a lot of items that we just no longer had room for. Our cleaner look is your gain!! Come to the first ever Suzanna’s Antiques Yard Sale, going on now through Sunday! Everything we have in front of the entry fence is $20.00 or under!! Chairs, shelves, benches, mirrors, lots of good stuff that would be great for you at a wonderful discount!! Come see what you can’t live without!! See you soon at SuzAnna’s! Susie, Jenny and the Girls!


Chickens in the Basement said...

Love the roses! Since the deer and Japanese beetles have left me with no roses in my garden, I'll have to stop by and pick up some that will inflict pain if a deer dares to take a bite. Everything looks great!

The Queen of Clearance said...

I feel like you keep showing me these cute and amazing things so that I drive the 16 hour trip and go on a shopping spree!

Joan said...

Oh, what fun! Oh what work! I have always wanted to have an antique shop Maybe in another life! Come visit me at Applejack Lane. I have several previous posts about some of my collections.