Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Suzanna's Antiques

Hello All! Now that all the kids in the area are back to school, it is time for the mom’s to have some alone time! Head to Suzanna’s Antiques this week and relax! Thursday morning starts our back to school 25% off sale on all Suzanna’s Antiques merchandise marked with an “S” throughout the store! This does not include dealers or consigners! We are still making room for our new large dealer space and really are busting at the seams! Come help us reduce!! The dealers have all been hard at work in their booths too! Jeff and Julia, who first brought us the rapidly reducing lamps a few months ago, now, have a table at ½ off in their booth!! It is really a geometry question of how do you put a round table in a square booth? You don’t, you sell it!!! Gary and Teresa have brought in a beautiful set of white chairs with chenille seats along with a cute cake box! Two great nightstands grace Linda’s booth right now and Ray and Gloria have brought in a gorgeous chandelier! Jeannie brought in some new white pieces, a cabinet and fun small farm table, along with some new aprons! Joseph and Arleen have also been busy with new blue and white china wall hangings! Nancy has a great new tray and Sam has filled his spot with tons of new merchandise. My favorite is a faux painted metal bed, perfect for a little boy’s room! Start gathering any old, broken, mismatched or just plain ugly jewelry from your jewelry boxes. You know, those pieces your husband gave you and you never wear….hehehe! Leon Forte, our precious metal buyer will be joining us on September 12th from 10 am til 1 pm. As always his prices are among the best I have seen, so mark your calendars, but we will remind you!! Plans are in the works for an entire jewelry weekend! We have had some customers interested in traveling to some of the day antique shows in North Carolina or Virginia but wanting company! If anyone is interested in carpooling or caravanning to any of the shows in the future, email me and I can put you in touch with each other! Hillsville, VA is Labor Day Weekend and looks like a lot of fun! So head to Suzanna’s Antiques this weekend for our 25% off sale and we look forward to seeing you! Susie, Jenny and the Girls

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The Queen of Clearance said...

That joke was funny. hope some one buys the round table! I wonder if we have any antique places around here...Ive never even thought to look!