Wednesday, October 14, 2009

SuzAnna's Antiques Newsletter!

Hey Ya’ll! Susie (Mom) and I are getting ready for my sister Emily’s wedding this weekend,
so you will have guest workers at the shop!
Ya’ll be nice!! Hehehe! Gary and Teresa, and Debra and Todd,
two sets of husband and wife dealers, will be working this weekend for us!
Come out and help them have a GREAT weekend!
We really appreciate their help! Everything is almost ready for the wedding.
Did we mention it is an outside wedding,
so if everyone can turn on their heat and open their doors for us,
to warm up the weather we would love it! No seriously!
Just kidding! It will be a wonderful weekend and we are very excited!
We will share pictures in next week’s newsletter since you
may see some items from SuzAnna’s floating around! Some items that did not get whisked away to mom’s house for the reception are ready to go home with you from the shop! There is a wonderful farm table in

“The Vintage Charm’s” booth that has not found a home yet.

Miss Debra has marked the table and chairs way down for you! There is a cute bedroom set in Sam’s booth with a canopy bed along with some great side tables! Gary and Teresa brought in a fun little magazine rack! And Jeff and Julia have a beautiful shabby chic trunk! Jeannie brought in some wonderful dried hydrangea flowers just in time for fall decorating! In the office, all spooky bubble bath potions are 30% off if you buy two or more! And Nancy has your luggage if you are planning a trip! So, lots to see at the shop this weekend! Wish us luck for beautiful weather on Saturday and as always, Come see what you can’t live without at SuzAnna's!! Susie, Jenny and the Girls!


The Queen of Clearance. said...

I like the mag rack. Very cute!

Mary said...

Just leaving for Asheville but wanted to wish Emily and Tim a happy life together. Hope the sun shines and it warms up for the beautiful wedding - at least you won't have snow flurries like we may experience in Asheville
Sat.night, brrrrr!!

Have a wonderful weekend.
Hugs, Mary.

Barb said...

Love all the things you showed us.
I actually came by to see your pink Saturday, but enjoyed all i saw.

barbara jean