Thursday, January 21, 2010

Hey Everyone! First of all Susie would like to extend her heartfelt thank you to everyone who came out to the shop on Saturday and wished her a Happy Birthday and even brought her presents! She has been smiling all week and talking about how wonderful a day it was! Thank you! Amazing what a difference a day makes weather wise! One day we’re in t-shirts and jeans and the next back in parkas and gloves! BUT….we took advantage of the warm weather! Everything is new and fresh at SuzAnna’s! The girls have all been working very hard on the yard and on the shop! Many of the dealers have brought in new merchandise and we have all been having a blast!
Some may have been having more fun than others as evident
by the purses swinging from the chandeliers! Hehehe! New jewelry, furniture, cabinets, even fishing lures…whatever you want, we have! We have also put out our beautiful collection of vintage Valentines!
Drop a note to your significant other that a gift certificate to
SuzAnna’s Antiques is just what you want for Valentine’s Day!
Make sure you head over and see what you can’t live without! Susie, Jenny and the Girls!


The Muse said...

The purses from chandeliers! Love that! LOL

Raviraj said...

Wonderful !! That's really Awesome Happy Pink Saturday..

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