Wednesday, July 21, 2010

SuzAnna's Antiques Newsletter

Holy blazing sidewalks!! With temperatures in the high 90's this week and now forecasted to be over 100 this Friday and Saturday, I know we are all a little hot and bothered!NO! Not this type of hot and bothered...hehehe! But can you imagine a time before electric lights and air conditioning when the only way to cool off was to open a window, instead of making a table out of it?Or hiding under the shade of an awning, instead of using it as an amazing decorating piece? Fanning yourself was very popular!But the best way to cool yourself off was just to splash cool water from the well or springhouse onto yourself!Thus the need for so many beautiful pitcher and basins.Purple flowers, plain white!Pink and can find one to fit into any decor at SuzAnna's!We even have the washstands to place them on!Personally, I like a nice bright pitcher of lemonade, but asparagus is said to be refreshing too!Maybe a pitcher of margarita's could cool you down?While sitting at your garden table? But if it is just too hot for that

You could always "GO" outside!! hehehe!

Seriously, with temperature this hot, for the safety of our customers, employees and friends, when the temperature is over 100 we will only be open til 1:00 pm on Friday and Saturday. We live close by and can be called if there is an antique emergency, but try to stay cool this weekend! See you soon at SuzAnna's Antiques!

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