Thursday, February 24, 2011

SuzAnna's Antiques Newsletter

With all this beautiful weather from the past weekend,
we have been Busy Bee's all over the shop and yard! Moving and shifting. Painting and playing even trying our hand at churning butter...hehehe!We're making way for all the new SPRING merchandise like this BEAUTIFUL typeface cabinet with printer trays! Or maybe you need your own spring project? This chair has beautiful lines, but needs a little TLC. Carolee has expanded her booth, with stunning results!
And this trunk came in this week too! Look at the wallpaper inside!
They don't make it like this anymore! Sam has spring gardens on the brain,
which shows in his display of lettuce seed packs on
top of a new black dresser to die for!
So this weekend, more good weather is expected.
Instead of playing with the gnomes in your garden,
come play at SuzAnna's Antiques.
We know you'll find something you can't live without!
Especially with all the Spring Sales going on!
Gary and Teresa still have 20% off in their booth!
Jeannie is running a special in her booth, as are Debra and Todd.
Laurie even has specials on certain items in her booth! See you soon at SuzAnna's!!

1 comment:

Rose H (UK) said...

Oh, how I wish I could just pop over and purchase the Busy Bee wash board - it's SO SWEET and would look great in my laundry :o)
Sigh, oh well, one can dream....