Wednesday, July 13, 2011

SuzAnna's Antiques Newsletter

Yikes, the temperature the last few days has been miserable! If you ran by the shop Tuesday or Wednesday afternoon you may
have noticed we were closed due to the heat!
Hope no-one was inconvenienced by this,
but when the temperature and heat index are over 100 degrees,
we HAVE to close!
It is just not safe for customers, or us when it's that hot!
That was why I was SO excited when I saw the weather this evening!! Upper 80's for the next few days??? WOOHOO!
Perfect shopping weather for SuzAnna's Antiques!

And while you are here shopping, let us show you the details that

make SuzAnna's Antiques so special!
Amazing handpainted flowers
on trays, tins, boxes and lamps! There are even some handpainted flowers on an adorable "caravan" birdhouse! But there are some details even more fun to show!
The way the light shines through a metal screen in a window

or through a metal chandelier.

The delicate handstitching on antique linens or the vibrant colors on vintage handtowels or in these beautiful bangle bracelets.

Head to SuzAnna's Antiques and let us show you the details you can't live without!

And as always, thank you so much for supporting your local small business!

We would not be here without you!

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