Wednesday, July 27, 2011

SuzAnna's Antiques Newsletter

Oh well!
I thought we were done with these hot temperatures last week!
But with 100 degrees on Thursday, and then 104 on Friday and Saturday
we will have shorter hours!
Thursday 10 am til 1 pm
Friday 9 am til 1 pm
Saturday 9 am til 1 pm
This will give you an extra hour of cool in the morning to shop!
I think this is called the dog days of summer?? It must be as we have so many cute doggies through out the shop!

This one is even hiding in a high chair!

The heat has not kept the new items out of the shop or yard!

This amazing child's tiger rocker just came in and will not be here long!

And we are so excited to welcome Dana of Geek Girls Vintage to the shop!

She will be moving in begining on Friday and we look forward to many

more cute items like this wonderful tool box drawer!

Head to the shop, a little early this weekend, to find what you can't live without!

We will try and keep it cooler for you!

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