Wednesday, August 24, 2011

SuzAnna's Antiques Newsletter

The most asked question on the East Coast yesterday!
Between earthquakes and hurricanes, we have been busy around the shop!
Nothing much shook off the walls here, but there were lots of items that had to be straightened!
Like these amazing crate advertisements in Bobbi's booth!
Or these cute tiles from Miss Lynn!
So to be proactive before the next natural disaster
blows in this weekend, come help us clear the shop!
Announcing SuzAnna's Antiques Hurricane Sale
You'll be blown away by the prices...hehehe!
 (Sorry I could not help myself.)
Actually one of our consignors is clearing out some pieces at GREAT prices!
Sale Price $420.00

Sale Price $350.00

Sale Price $285.00
Sale Price $165.00
Sale Price $425.00
Sale Price $200.00

 But, while these above pieces are some you may have been watching,
LOTS of new items have come in this week too!
 This toy stroller is so cute and "rings" when it rolls!
 Pictures do not do this coal scuttle justice!
 The details on it are amazing!
 I need a bigger kitchen so I can take
this spice cabinet home!!

Even the yard has some fun new items!
You can start your cold winter garden in these
 great white boxes that are already labeled with
what you need to plant in them!
Sale Price $125.00 with glass top!
Or you can scope out some great sale pieces too!
Come see what you can't live without at SuzAnna's Antiques!
Hopefully Hurricane Irene won't blow any other pelicans into North Carolina,
unless they are as cute as the ones on this cookie jar!
Have a safe and fun weekend! See you soon at SuzAnna's!

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Mary said...

Hey, welcome to my world! We live in earthquake country ;) Stay safe back there. Love your dressers and other goodies :)