Wednesday, September 7, 2011

SuzAnna's Antiques Newsletter

Hope you all had a wonderful Labor Day!
It was a huge day at the shop, so thank you to everyone who came out!
Dressers and desks and tables went flying,
so there was lots of room for new items to come into the shop!
 Like this AMAZING kitchen table,
two chairs and two benches
 brought to us by Miss Teresa and Mr Gary.
With the red checks, plaids and floral dish towels, this is such a "happy" kitchen set!
 Then Miss Barb and Miss Karen, two of our new dealers,
brought in this great dresser, and this beautiful bookshelf!
 Mom and I were lucky enough to come across this tall dresser!
The legs and detailing on it are just wonderful!
 Miss Heidi carried in this marble topped linen chest.
The top has two cabinet doors with three drawers behind them. 
Then two big drawers on the bottom. Beautiful piece!
Even some outdoor items came in, perfect for enjoying the new cooler fall weather.
But big pieces were not the only items that came in this week!
Lots of new sewing notions!
Tons of new to us hardware pieces! Knobs, pulls and hooks!
These fun owl cups, six in all!
Boxes and boxes of glassware! It's never to early to start thinking of Holiday needs!
And for our crafty ladies, new buttons and bags full of jewelry making bits and bobs!
Come to SuzAnna's Antiques to find what you can't live without!

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