Wednesday, November 16, 2011

SuzAnna's Antiques Open House Newsletter!

Wow oh wow oh wow!
If you have not been to the shop in the last 24 hours
you need to come NOW!
Okay, maybe during business hours would be better!
This tree TWIRLS!
 And you are in luck, since tomorrow night our hours are extended for our
Holiday Open House! 5:30 until....
The amount of new Christmas items that came in last night
and this morning is mind blowing! 
Just in time for our Holiday Open House Thursday night!
Santa has been hard at work at his desk, right here at SuzAnna's Antiques
 making lists of Naughty and Nice boys and girls!
The Naughty list contains the names of those
who are not coming Thursday night! hehehe!
Those on the Nice list will get a candy cane from Santa, where ever he pops up!
Every booth in  the shop has something wonderful to see!
Beautiful German Glass glittered letters and signs!
Ornaments hung from every bough!
Even some items that look pretty enough to be ornaments!
Every surface has been Christmasfied!
Or winterized!
 We cannot wait to see you all tomorrow night!
But we want to remind you of other Open Houses going on!
Great minds (and shops) must think alike since
The Resale Boutique and Marketplace is having their
Open House Thursday night as well!
So you have lots of options for fun!
Hunt and Gather on Whitaker Mill is having their
 Holiday Open House this weekend!
Check out our Facebook Page for other great pictures and we will see you
Thursday night!!

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