Wednesday, January 11, 2012

SuzAnna's Antiques Newsletter

 Words cannot begin to describe how awesome
 the shop looks right now!
All dealers have been moved into their new spots!
Tons of new merchandise, tons of new ideas
tons of items you just can't live without!!
And lots of new goodies for all you crafters
 while the weather is getting a little cooler!
But the piece we are most excited about is this steamer trunk!
It still has it's original tapestry pocket, all it's hangers,
and the drawers have a beautiful embossing on them!
It has to be seen to be believed!
One great thing about being in The Vintage Village is
we are not the only ones with new items!
Susie and Debbie at the Two Old Birds have some
elegant black and white decorating going on!
Vingette's with Gail, Laurie and Sherry have some amazing rustic
items that have come in!
PLUS we are welcoming a new neighbor to The Vintage Village!!
The front building is soon going to be home to a Country Store!
They plan on carrying antiques, homemade jelly and jams and sauces!
And lots of other items!
We are excited for this new shop opening  for all our customers!
So head to SuzAnna's Antiques and
The Vintage Village this weekend to support your
local small business and we'll help you find lots of new items you can't live without!

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