Wednesday, February 8, 2012

SuzAnna's Antiques Newsletter

Well, I guess with the 5 minutes of sleet we
got around lunch time,
we have gotten our winter done with in Raleigh now!
I had to take my coat off this afternoon when it hit 60 degrees!!
That's weather in North Carolina for you,
if you don't like it, wait five minutes, it will change!
Much like the change around the shop.
Many of our customers always comment on the fact
that whenever they are in the shop, it's new and different!
New wardrobes have come into two different booths this week!
Along with an amazing "Star Shaped" light!!
Bobby and Karen brought in this baby rocker,
found on their shopping spree this weekend!
So many new items!
We really pride ourselves in keeping things new and fresh!
Like this beautiful book shelf in Sarah's booth!
Or this to die for spice rack!!
We even are making the SHOP new and different!
By adding a window to the office!!
After all we want to keep it new and fresh for us too!!
So grab a cup of coffee and head to Facebook
to enjoy some other pictures tonight,
then head to SuzAnna's Antiques in the morning to
find something you can't live without!
 And see what we have been up to this week!

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