Wednesday, February 22, 2012

SuzAnna's Antiques Newsletter

All our dealers have been hard at work in their booths this week!
And we have been so straight out, it's crazy! Today Mom and I were lucky enough
to be helping a movie set designer find some pieces she needs for
a movie set to start filming next month!
How cool is THAT!!!
Debbie and Todd have brought in
a ton of new furniture.
A cute corner cabinet,
some beautiful needlepoint chairs and a great loveseat!
Bobby and Karen have an amazing hanging  light in their booth!
Sarah brought in a fun red chifferobe!
 Here it is with the door both closed and open!
Some new dressers have come in,
 One without a mirror and one with!
A cute scalloped shelf unit is replace the cubby cabinet from last weeks pictures
that did not make it through the weekend!
One thing you have to know is, when you love a piece, GRAB IT!
We have been known to replace a table display three or
four times over a weekend when you guys see something you like!
Head to the shop as quick as you can. You know you will
find something you can't live without.
You can also see more pictures on our Facebook page!
Lots of great things are in the works at
SuzAnna's Antiques over the next few weeks!
Keep your eyes on the newsletter for more information soon!!!


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