Wednesday, September 5, 2012

SuzAnna's Antiques Newsletter

We have the best customers!!
On Labor Day we were open for business, and must have
been one of the only shops in Raleigh that was,
because we were SLAMMED!
It was really like Christmas in September!
 And because of our wonderful customers,
who bought us out of house and home,
 we are redoing almost everything!
Many areas have not been decorated yet,
as you can see in some of these pictures!!
But, messes make it a really fun time to shop,
 since you NEVER know what you might find!
Lots and lots of new items have come in!
Tables, chairs, dressers, hutches!
You name it, it has come in!
Even some great Halloween and fall items!
So head to SuzAnna's Antiques and find what you
can't live without! We'll even let you help us
clean up some of the messes!!

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