Wednesday, May 29, 2013

SuzAnna's Antiques Newsletter 5/29/13

This weekend promises to be 
another amazing one at SuzAnna's!
If you happened to stop by last weekend you know 
there was some facelifts going on in certain booths!
Thing were being painted and lots of new 
items came in!
Check our facebook page for more pictures!
Many of us are thinking of our beach trips
with this summer weather. Wouldn't this crab
be a cute addition to your beach house??
Or, maybe this alligator caged in by chicken feeders would
be better in your garden!!
Speaking of gardens, maybe this cute little "house"
would be perfect for your tools in the corner of your garden!!
This pillar might have to go home to my garden!
And this bench is just amazing!
We would like to welcome Jennifer into 
The Hen House this weekend!
She is bringing so many great items to set up
only this Saturday and Sunday, you will not want
to miss it!!
Walk Ahead Farms has also changed their hours
at The Vintage Village and SuzAnna's Antiques.
They will be here on Sunday afternoons from 1-5, 
and this weekend is extra special.
The 4H of Franklin County was especially helpful
in helping Walk About Farm and their family. Now 
another family in the 4H needs everyones help.
This past weekend they lost everything in a house
fire, so $1.00 from every meat and egg sale will
be donated by Walk Ahead Farm to this family!
 Please come and help out!
And as always, thank you for shopping 
your local small businesses!

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