Wednesday, August 13, 2014

SuzAnna's Antiques Newsletter 08/13/14

Has it been more than 24 hours since you have been to 
SuzAnna's Antiques?
If so, you need to come back!!
You will not recognize the place!
Ever inch has been redone over the last
few days!
New tables, new signs, new dressers! 
You WILL find something you just
can't live without!
Since we have it all at SuzAnna's Antiques!
Just check out the pictures on our Facebook page
if you don't believe me!
And see you soon at SuzAnna's Antiques!

1 comment:

Mary Ann Potter said...

Hi, Jenny! Y'all have been working hard! Hope to see y'all soon --- I really like what I see here! Sending blessings!