Wednesday, November 18, 2015

SuzAnna's Antiques Newsletter 11/18/15

We are getting so excited!
We have lots of family coming into town next week!
Which made me realize our table and 
chair situation!
 Luckily, I know of a cute shop that has lots
of chairs and tables to choose from. 
What does your situation look like?
Maybe your dining room needs some freshening up?
Or you need some more storage space
in a kitchen, bedroom or craft room?
Maybe you need more lights or 
just something to light up yourself!
Perhaps you need more dishes for your table
or a ladder to escape all that family!! 
Whatever you need, let us help you find
it at SuzAnna's Antiques!
Make sure to mark your calendar for
our December 3rd Holiday Open House!
5:00 pm until whenever! See you soon at
SuzAnna's Antiques!

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