Wednesday, February 3, 2016

SuzAnna's Antiques Newsletter 02/03/16

I know we are all excited for this Sunday!
But we can't forget what the following 
Sunday holds!
Valentine's Day!
Share this newsletter with your Sweetheart 
to show them what you can't live without!
New cabinets!
Cute tables!
SuzAnna's Antiques even has flowers! 
and Cards! 
We also have a changing table for 
9 months from now if needed! 
We really have your Sweetheart covered!
Keep an eye on your "Our State" Magazine!
Susie and Jenny were interviewed for an
article on antiques and collectibles last year, 
and just had a photo shoot this week!
We are expecting something in the Spring!!
We actually have lots going on this year
and not enough room to tell you everything! 
Antique shows, Relay for Life, Pop up Shows, etc!
If you can't come sit and talk with us, 
you need to like us on Facebook!
We are always sharing pictures and fun ideas
and don't want you to miss a thing!
So drive on down to SuzAnna's Antiques 
and let us help you or your sweetheart find
that something you just can't live without!!
See you soon at SuzAnna's!

1 comment:

Carole Graves Currie said...

Best antique store ever. Can't wait to get over there and see what's new!
Congratulations on the photo shoot!