Friday, January 16, 2009

For Sale Friday 1-16-09

With temperatures not getting above freezing,
and there not being any heat in the building,
Suzanna's will not be open on Friday!! (freezer box $5.50)
So we thought we would share with you all the
items you need to stay warm and snug in your kitchen! (Green Fridge $35.00)
Start by getting all the ingredients for
your favorite comfort food out of your fridge. (3 Bowls $28.00, Casserole $15.00)
Then mix them together in your Crazy Daisy Pyrex set
and pour it into the matching casserole dish. (Various Prices)

Make sure you have your bakelite serving spoons ready for (Pink Stove $14.00)

when it comes out of the oven!

(Tea Cups $3.00 Each)

While waiting for your goodies to cook,

would you enjoy a cup of tea?

(Pitcher $22.00)

With cream?(Various Prices)


(Flasks set of three $65.00)

Or maybe something stronger to keep you warm? hehehe! (Cake Cooling Cabinet with original Good Housekeeping Seal $129.00)

After your item is cooked, maybe it needs to sit and cool,

before you can give it your seal of approval?

(Cake Plate $30.00)

Unless you need this beautiful cake plate for

Susie's Birthday Cake?
Happy Birthday Susie, thought I'd forgotten??
If you would like any of the items shown here,
leave us a comment and we will send you an invoice!!


Mary said...

That is the prettiest cake ever!! Almost too lovely to slice - but I know you WILL be tempted and, if you were open today, I'd try to stop by to lick up the crumbs!!

I've been meaning to congratulate you Jenny on becoming mom's partner - what fun you will have, and hopefully I'll get to see more of you at the shop. Don't blame you closing today - it was so cold last night!

Again - please give mom a birthday hug from me. Thanks.

Chickens in the Basement said...

Another great job and wonderful story! Save me a piece of cake. Happy birthday Susie! See, I'm not the only one who outs you on your birthday! At least we didn't attach a number!

Lady and Librarian said...

Happy birthday Susie! We had great fun at renningers thought about you guys...i could have filled several trucks with stuff for your shop!!!