Thursday, January 8, 2009

For Sale Fridays!!

(Sterling Silver Jewelry-Various)
For Sale Fridays is going to be a regular
feature here on Suzanna's Blog!!
Sometimes we will reflect the season, (Snowflake $6.00)
sometimes our world famous newsletter(Book $6.00)
and sometimes feature a specific dealer or
consigner we have at the shop!!
(Little Girl in Blue $12.00)
This week it is cold here is Raleigh,
so why not show off some BLUE,
(Snowflake Necklace $15.00 Blue Rhinestone Pin $8.00)
While we dream of spring flowers,
(Blue Nail Art $22.50)
bluebirds,(Vintage Valentine Card $3.00)
and their nests!(Birds Nest Necklace $24.00)
So hang up your apron,
(Coat Rack $27.00)
(Child's vintage inspired fabric apron $28.00)
get a warm cookie,

(Cookie Jar $14.00)

And join us on Fridays for For Sale Fridays!

If you see anything you want,

leave me a comment and I will send you an invoice!

See you at the shop!!

Suzanna's Antiques

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Lady and Librarian said...

Ahhh! Lovely jewels ladies! As usual, things look great!