Wednesday, June 9, 2010

SuzAnna's Antiques Newsletter

Can we just say that SuzAnna's Antiques has the BEST customers??!!
You guys are calling the store buying stuff right off the newsletter!Which gives us even more room to bring you more great items!Especially this new corner cabinet! Oh my goodness it is BEAUTIFUL!Vintage dresses, red TV cabinetsvintage Life magazines, all have come into the shop this week!These two chairs are just begging to come home with someone soon!And we unearthed a treasure trove of vintage and
retro sewing notions that we are passing onto you!
With Father's Day coming up (June 20th) do not rule out
SuzAnna's Antiques for Father's Day Presents! We have a collection of pipes and a beautiful assortment of tie clips and cuff links. We also have a massive amount of fishing gear! Lures and fishing rods and tackle boxes,even signs for Dad's Man Cave!! hehehe!But the most wonderful item that came into the store this week was this anniversary gift!
Our Miss Gail made us this "SuzAnna's Antiques" replica. You have to come in and see it!
There are so many fun surprises hidden all over this work of art!
Come see what you can spot!
Thank you Gail and everyone else!! See you soon at SuzAnna's!


Vintage Christine said...

What a bunch of great stuff! I can't wait to visit the shop when I come up to see Anna and y'all (hopefully this Fall--I've already "warned" my husband). Love love love the little shop!!!

Lisa said...

Oh I love your replica!!! I have loads to bring you. Hope I can get out this weekend, but I have to work so I'll do my best. Place looks great!
Hugs, Lisa

Dogmom Diva said...

Wow, would my husband love to have one of those pipes! You have a beautiful shop, this is my first visit here..lovely..wish i were able to visit in person, but I can enjoy.oh and those sewing notions, my heart be still...ah..