Wednesday, June 16, 2010

SuzAnna's Antiques Newsletter

Happy Father's Day Weekend!
Seems like the weather is a little cooler...or is it just wishful thinking? With the first day of summer upon us a beautiful new dining set came into the shop! Just the perfect amount of green chippiness!
Speaking of chippy, look at the patina on this pink door in Jeannie's booth! Just the cutest spot to have family pictures behind the glass in a family room or a bedroom!
This blue cabinet is a new addition as well! Baby bedroom storage, craftroom storage, where ever you place this, it will be awesome!
New and vintage crystals have come in along with some fun blue,
pink and red ones in Ray and Gloria's booth! Arlene and Joseph have a fun corner piece that would be great in a kitchen!
Right next to this wonderful enamel table in Carolee's booth!
These green chairs with rosebuds would be perfect for a little breakfast nook, or maybe placed in a little girls room for homework or tea parties!!
While you are weighting your options...(sorry for the pun)
not all of the new sewing notions have been snapped up yet!
Come see what you can find!
This cute yellow table would look great any wear, and is very sturdy!
Maybe for Father's Day you could get dad these redwood lounge chairs and let him relax!
Unless a swing is more his style?
This desk wants to come home with me....please come get it so I don't!!
I already have two desks!!
Hope you all have a wonderful weekend with your families
and we look forward to seeing you soon at SuzAnna's!


Holly- Girls At Heart said...

Well it's certainly cooler here! 41 yesterday morning! Br-r-r-r! It's been awhile since I've lived up North!

I like that little yelow table! ♥

Vintage Christine said...

Well, I'm in southern Mississippi and it's been consistently SCORCHING! I am so much in love with your pink propane tank--I wonder if I could talk my husband into doing that to ours? Ha ha: NOT! Great stuff in your shop and it's so nice to see an owner promote her vendors!

The Muse said...

I am head over heels in love with those redwood loungers...I can just recall my dad in his mismatched plaid summer attire...LOL

What fun memories you have brought to day!