Wednesday, March 26, 2014

SuzAnna's Antiques Newsletter 3/26/14

Hello Everyone!!
Every year, Susie and I try do something
to improve SuzAnna's Antiques for our
customers! This year we have already 
created our new, beautiful office, but
we got a little carried away and kept going!
Walls are coming down!
New walls are going up! All to
prepare for THREE new dealers 
coming into SuzAnna's Antiques over
the next month!! 
WE ARE EXCITED! But we need your help!
We have created a huge sale area
underneath our workshop overhang!
There is a dollar section! Plus many other items are 
less than 1/2 their original price!
Head over this weekend to help us clean house!
But we are still bringing in new items too!
Beautiful vanity just in!
A great yellow set that just makes you 
happy to look at it!!
Plus some cute "chocolate" bunnies have hopped in!
Come let us help you find something 
you just can't live without at SuzAnna's Antiques!
These and other great pictures on our facebook page!

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Mary Ann Potter said...

Hi, Jenny! (Told you I'd leave a comment!) I enjoyed my visit to the shop today --- that old copper kettle is perfect (of course!), and I love the old composition book as well. Vintage school supplies are a favorite collectible. Have a most blessed rest of the day. You know you'll see me again on another treasure hunt!